Meet The Doctors

Meet the Doctors

After searching everywhere for products that were both affordable and high-quality, our CEO decided to try something new: provide customers with unique and beautiful products that people could actually afford. We started out with a few employees, one collection, and a lot of passion. And we learned that’s all it takes to start something extraordinary.

Dr. Jimmy Chen

Dr. Jimmy Chen graduated from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine and completed his general practice residency at Jersey Shore University Medical Center. During his residency Dr. Chen not just treated patients in underserved areas of New Jersey, but also attended monthly lectures given by renown dentists and medical doctors. To further enhance his dental knowledge Dr. Chen is also part of a weekly study group that reviews the latest dental research articles. Being the oldest son in a large family Dr. Chen often took care of his younger siblings and grandparents. Thus, caring for others is an ability he developed since a very young age, but most importantly he will always treat his patients as part of his family.